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Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro

Product Name : Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro
Price : Rs.7,500


Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series 210 caps

Hydroxycut Hardcore is the most extraordinarily powerful fat burner ever developed. Team MuscleTech researchers have invested in clinical studies to discover the most powerful formula ever to alter the way you burn fat. Hydroxycut Hardcore makes all other fate burners obsolete. Hydroxycut Hardcore utilizes an exclusive liquid Micro-dispersion Technology to deliver fat-burning components immediately to the body.

Hydroxucut Hardcore attacks the fat-burning process through a proprietary 5-step process to ensure maximum-strength fat loss. First Hydroxycut Hardcore elevates levels of norepinephrine - the key fat-burning hormone - by 40%. The second step involves ensuring norepinephrine levels remain elevated longer by drastically increasing cAMP levels. The third step involves alpha-receptor inhibition to ensure the fat-burning signal remains uninterrupted. The fourth step involves inhibiting the enzyme COMT, to ensure the fat-burning signal grows in strength. The fifth step involves producing heat (thermogenesis) by accelerating the breakdown of released fats in the mitochondria.

In a another clinical study conducted at the University of Laval, subjects using the key components in Hydroxycut Hardcore burned significantly more calories per day than those using a placebo! In a second clinical Study subjects's visceral and subcutaneous fat levels were measured. After 12 weeks of treatment with the Hydroxycute Hardcore components, subjects experienced a 7.9% drop in bodyfat.

Recommended Use
As a dietary supplement, take 3 caplets with an 8-ounce glass of water 2 times daily, approximately 30 to 60 minutes before meals. On days you work out, take one of these servings before the workout.

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