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Muscle Tech Intra-Vol

Product Name : Muscle Tech Intra-Vol
Price : Rs.6,500


Muscle Tech Intra-Vol
( Free shaker cup included. )
IntraVol is the world's most advanced intra-workout muscle growth amplifier.

• Test subjects gained 127% more lean muscle than placebo when consumed while training.
• Drastically amplifies anabolic training response.
• Immediately lowers training-induced cortisol.
• Key complex proven to rapidly increase type I & II muscle fiber size.
• Forces glycogen reloading & hyper-hydrates cells while increasing strength by 39%.
• Builds more muscle during your workouts.
• Increases strength & pumps.
• Enhances performance & accelerates recovery.

Once you feel the power of the IntraVol effect, your training sessions and the way you build muscle will be changed forever. In a groundbreaking 12-week study conducted by exercise physiologists at a prestigious Australian university, test subjects consuming the key complex in IntraVol during training gained 127% more lean muscle than subjects using a placebo (9.04 vs. 3.97 lbs.). In this same study, subjects also increased their max leg strength by 39% more than the placebo group (463 vs. 334 lbs.). What's even more impressive is the fact that these subjects only trained twice per week. Just imagine the gains you could achieve by adding IntraVol to an intense training session!

With every rep you perform, a surge of blood is routed to trained muscle cells. If your blood is "empty" and lacking the critical elements required for optimal growth to occur, key cellular muscle building processes are stunted and catabolic signals overwhelm your cells, limiting your gains. To prevent this, IntraVol triggers osmo-sensing bio-regulators to maximize anabolic nutrient uptake directly into the muscle cells being trained. This induces hyper-hydrated muscular pumps and accelerates intracellular protein synthesis levels. Key ingredients in IntraVol also rapidly replenish muscle glycogen levels to create an "ultra-volumized" skin-stretching growth state during your workout.

IntraVol™ is also powered by OsmoSig, which functions as an osmotic muscle nutrient transport technology designed to support rapid nutrient delivery and uptake with other key ingredients in the formula. No longer will you have to face a dramatic drop-off in strength and performance during your workout. You will feel the extremely powerful effects of improved muscle performance with every focused contraction you complete in the gym.

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